Tiffany Golden

  • Producer at Wieden + Kennedy
Tiffany Golden is a Seaside, California native who made the move to Portland, Oregon in 2013 to work her magic at the world renowned creative agency, Wieden+Kennedy. For the past five years, she has been ascending in the advertising world, hitting her stride as an Integrated Producer working for brands like Coca-Cola and Old Spice, as well as effecting change in the larger Portland community. As someone who was exposed to the creative industry through Streetlights, the nonprofit that connects people of color to careers in the film industry, Tiffany has made it her mission to continue to rise up and reach back, bring everyone she can along with her.


  • Disruptive Leadership: What’s not written on the brochure

    This session will highlight black women leaders as they disrupt their respective industries. Come learn firsthand how they’ve built their careers, refined their leadership styles, and the steps they are taking to build a stronger workplace.