Simple X Press Release

Theme: Reaching New Heights
Event Date: March 25th, 2021 | 9AM – 6 PM PDT.

Connecting black professionals and allies from Portland and the Northwest for an intimate dialogue on Reaching New Heights. 

Mission: To bridge the gap between Black professionals and the workplace.

Cost: This event will be no cost to participants. Registration is required.

On Thursday, March 25th at 9:00 am, Simple X Summit will bring together Black professionals and allies from Portland and the Pacific Northwest for a virtual Summit. As Simple X plans to connect and bridge the gap between Black professionals and the workplace, the Simple X Summit acts as an accelerator for people to gain fellowship in the Portland, Oregon area.

The virtual Summit themed Reaching New Heights is a platform for leaders and entrepreneurs to share their stories and discuss how they are thriving both in their profession and in their everyday life. The summit will feature dynamic speakers and presenters from various backgrounds such as Wilson Smith (DNA Specialist, Nike), Kristen Ingram (CEO, Plus One Society), Tiffany Golden (Producer, W+K) and Jennifer Hunter, J.D (Sr. Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Portland Trail Blazers).   

Simple X Summit will host panels ranging from Economic Development to Disruptive Leadership: What’s not written on the brochure. Our luncheon will include a community conversation facilitated by Race Talks. Grab a bite to eat and listen to three community leaders share their story while talking about their true to life experience living and working in Oregon. 

The final headline event will honor Wilson Smith, the first African American Footwear Designer. Wilson Smith III is a Portland Legend. Smith worked on projects that run the gamut of the design profession. He’s developed products for athletes including Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Derek Jeter and more.

Companies that wish to introduce themselves to a diverse pool of talent or connect with black professionals are encouraged to partner with us. Our partners and collaborators include PDX Women In Tech, Cinder, Wieden + Kennedy and Portland Trail Blazers. We are looking for more partners. Join us on our mission to bridge the gap between Black professionals and the workplace. 

“I believe when people of color reach positions in leadership, we have to share our stories with everybody. Because we have a platform to inspire,”  – Chief Sara Boone, Fire Chief, City of Portland (Previous panelist at a Simple X Mixer).

For sponsorship or partnership opportunities, email us or call: (503) 383-9275

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